Communist China sentences 71-year-old Ex-Uyghur official to life in prison, but no investigative evidence or court verdict

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Chen Quanguo, who ran a repressive regime as secretary of the Chinese Communist Party’s Tibet Autonomous Region, was reassigned to Xinjiang in August 2016 to implement a series of concentration camp policies modeled on those of Nazi Germany during World War II. Chen ordered that the Uyghur elite be sent to concentration camps, even former Uyghur officials under CCP’s power. One of the official was former Chief of the Xinjiang Forestry Department, Memet Abdula, whose daughter, Subi Mamat Yuksel, is currently seeking help in the United States.

Subi is an Uyghur American and a citizen of the United States. She was born in Korla then moved to city of Urumqi, Xinjiang when she was very young. She came to United States in 2007 with my brother and sister in law. Subi and her husband have been married for 7 years, and they have 3 beautiful children. Presently, she lives in Virginia. She graduated with Business Management degree from George Mason University in Virginia.

Subi told Eat News, her father worked as a Chief of Xinjiang Forestry Department and retired from office in 2008. “Because of his proficiency and his leadership ability, he’d always had governing positions.”

Photo: Subi Mamat Yuksel

When the journalist asked her how is he being treated in jail? She said it was very painful thing to talk about. “I have no idea, I can’t let myself picture the conditions there, it breaks my heart to even think about my father behind bar. Even free people aren’t being treated fairly in China. It’s very hard to imagine his well beings in Chinese prison.”

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Subi chose to remain silent for 3 years after the disappearance of his father, Memet Abdula. She was afraid something might happen to her mom and sister and family members back home if her speak out, and also they have been worried that it would also negatively affect her dad’s reputations.

“However, After the sentencing, we couldn’t bare the injustice that we faced, and it finally made us realized that we waited way too long. As his children, we have the rights to know my father’s whereabouts and fight for his rights.” She said.

Subi continued, “Sentencing 71 years old man who worked for the government more than 40 years for life in prison without showing any evidence and confiscating his lifelong earnings and leave my mom with nothing is not fair. This is just wrong. I just couldn’t stand this unjust judicial system.”

Memet Abdula’s son, Iskandar Mamat, who also lives in the US, he told Eat News, the Chinese Communist Party built massive concentration camps and prisons to systematically, ethnically and ethnic cleansing the Uyghur people. In these camps and prisons, there are massive Uyghur elite like my father, including Uyghur lawyers, writers, professors, and doctors.

Iskandar added, his land in Xinjiang was also confiscated by the Chinese Communist Party. Subsequently, he showed us his land title.

Now that COVID-19 is widespread and there were rumors earlier this year that a large number of Wuhan people had gone to Xinjiang for “refuge”. What worries them most is that none of Subi’s family members are allowed to get any real information about their father’s health conditions, also updates on the spread of COVID-19 in jails and concentration camps.

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Subi said that the condition of those jails and concentration camps are not sanitary, and those innocent prisoners’ immune systems are already severely affected due to the harsh treatment. “It’s painful to think that we can’t do anything about it.”

Just recently, the CCP locked up Urumqi and rest of Uyghur regions again to prevent spreading of Covid-19 virus. Even those free people are now house arrest in their own home. Their doors are being sealed. Subi told, “we are very worried about my mom and sister.”

Finally, Subi wanted to tell his father in the concentration camp that we want you to stay alive. She told, “He deserves to see his grandchildren he hasn’t seen. When your little bundle of joy arrives from heaven, you want to share this blessing with your family members. Nonetheless, China cold hearted forcefully took this privilege away from us. My father still hasn’t been able to see his three grandchildren. He deserves to hold them, kiss them and love them.”

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