What is truth behind Indian Chronicles?

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A report from EU DisinfoLab under the theme Indian Chronicles recently published in 11th December.

Report first publish by BBC then after published by various newspapers and till today in Pakistsn same report is being discussed in various TV programs, Different TV Hosts of Pakistani Political show statrted debates and special segment regarding reports are continue.

Recently, Government of Pakistan, foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi also held a press conference and demanded further investigation from the international community regarding this newly EU DisinfoLab report.

What is EU DisinfoLab?

According to EU DisinfoLab website, it is stated in their site that EU DisinfoLab is a Non-governmental organization.

On theirs website they have published a registration number that indicates it is a legally registered NGO in one European City Brussels, Belgium.

This private NGO in Brussels has not shown any of its phone number, email or address on its website. Only the registration number is listed.

It is clarify that this private NGO is not affilated with European Commission neither working as sub committe Investigation body for EU Parliament or any of its sub-committee.

According to European Union Laws anyone in Europe can register an NGO or Orgnization legally and work under terms and conditions of listed European country.

If we glance in Past the same private NGO EU DisinfoLab had published exactly similar report, about same geoup last year in 2019 under the title of “Indian Network of Anti-Pakistan Propaganda”.

What is in the Recent Indian Chronicle Report?

A recent report with Title ” The Indian Chronicle shows” How an Indian network group damage Pakistan internationally and impulse decisions-making at United Nation Human Rights Council and EU Parliament”.

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In This Report EU DisinfoLab published names of NGOs including pictures of NGos representatives and claimed how one Group dodged UN system and all mentioned NGOs were used agaist Pakistan and theirs aim were to insult Pakistan.

But same time Reports also clarified that” that this investigation does not intend to undermine the credibility of these organizations, and the fact that they had to speak via proxy accredited NGOs does not mean that what these organizations are saying should not be heard”.

The United Nations and its NGOs system.

If we look at the United Nation system of NGOs it seems United Nations NGOs system is very strong and transparent.

In United Nations Mechanisms, One committee, namely ECOSOC [ United Nations Economic and Social Council ] lookafter and control all issues related to Accredated UN ECOSOC NGOs.

From 2019 Pakistan Leading this ECOSOC committe as a President till 2021, including China , India and other fifty four countries are memebers in this committee.


UN ECOSOC committe under Pakistan Presidency Not only strictly monitor these UN NGOs on regular basis, but watch them very closely time to time then after serveral observation later these NGOs are allowed to speak in General Assembly of the United Nations and side events of United Nation Human Rights Council Sessions and others UN Human Rights related Meetings.

According to Paksitan recent claims and Press Conference If there is a doggy rift and this group used NGOs in UN against Pakistan then why Pakistan itself did not take serious legal actions against this network and its NGOs in 2019 as a Presdient Country of ECOSOC committee?

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Unlike Pakistan who is President of ECOSOC committee till 2021 , The United Nations Representative, Rolando Gomez, a spokesperson for the United Nation Human Right Council [UNHRC] clearly responded to BBC regarding question of EU DisinfoLab recent Report and said that:-

“It was the prerogative of NGOs to raise whichever issue they wish to address and whoever they grant space to speak on the floor.”

“There are no rules stating that an NGO must speak to specific issues. Doing so would amount to infringing on their freedom of speech,” Mr Gomez said.

Other side Pakistan demanding to international community and international organisations to investigate the recent EU DisinfoLab Report.

If there was any laps in United Nations Mechanisms then UN itself might take serious actions on behalf of previous same EU DisinfoLab report of 2019.

Concerned to damaging Pakiatan credibility, its documented that Pakistan is being questioned from decades from differents international and domestic Human Rights Organisations including Democratic countries regarding Human Rights abuses against different issues such as Extra Judicial killings, disappearances, Terrorism, illegal arbitrations, religious killings and minorities injustices, money laundering, illegal Harassment of Journalists, Freedom of Press and Et cetera.

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