Exclusive: The UN Human Rights Council leaks secrets to China, infuriating the President of World Uyghurs Congress

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Might you constantly think and have logic that United Nations always protect and promote human rights, civil society activists, human rights defenders, and other peace promoters worldwide? Defiantly, you thought with a firm belief that it is not possible how an un-democratic country China could control and use United Nations to counter human rights defenders.

But if we hear and read Emma Reilly, then believe we all feel extreme shock and sad and feel hopeless about United Nations and its roles regarding peace, sheltering human rights, and human rights defenders globally.

Who is Emma Reilly and what does she reveal?

Emma Reilly lives in France. She is a human rights lawyer and works in the United Nations, four of one major office in Geneva, Switzerland. She is posted as a Human Rights Council (UNHRC) Office at Geneva employee.

Emma Reilly recently disclosed/revealed that the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights handed overs Human Rights activists details and names to Chinese Mission in Geneva, Switzerland.

If we glance at UNHRC, we quickly understand that its role is considered for supporting, encouraging human rights throughout the globe, addressing human rights offenses, and making recommendations on them.

Emma Reilly showed and displayed a horrified Role with proofs about UNHRC aside from the above description.

She briefly revealed that whenever human rights activists plan to come to the UN Office at Geneva for the UNHRC sessions, which are held three times a year, in March, June, and September, UNHRC shares information about the accreditation of these human rights activists with the Chinese delegation to the UN in Geneva, Switzerland.

Talking to British media, UNHRC employee Emma Reilly disclosed, “when people planning to come to challenge the China genocide against Uyghurs, instead of helping those victims the United Nations Passes these Human Rights Activists names and details to China Mission for UN Geneva Switzerland.”

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“Chinese used this information to pressure their families and used their family members to pressure these Human Rights activists not to come the UN. Based on this information, the Chinese Communist Party arrested their families in China,” Emma Reilly added.

Emma Reily further claimed that after publishing and Revelling this Information and the UN Office at Geneva transferred her from her post at the UNHRC. Still, another side of her boss who shared and passed Uyghurs Human Rights activists’ details to China has been promoted in the UN Office at Geneva.

Emma Reilly disclosed and presented a copy of the official email on her Social Media Account. In that mind-blowing email, we can easily read and understand how the Chinese Mission to the UNHRC in Geneva asked Dolkun Isa, He Geng, and other Uyghurs representatives. In response, UNHRC provided theirs details and NGO accredited parties to Chinese Mission in Geneva.

Who is Dolkun Isa?

Dolkun Isa is a famous and prominent Uyghurs Human Rights Activist from the Xinjiang Autonomous Region of China. He escaped from China and sought asylum in Germany in 1994; currently, he is the President of World Uyghurs Congress.

Dolkun Isa has been attending UNHRC council sessions for a decade in the United Nations Office at Geneva. He also raised Uyghurs Genocide issues in the UN office in New York and on a regular world basis.

Dolkun Isa’s mother died in May 2018. She was in the Uyghurs detentions camp of Xinjiang, China from 2017.

As the Eat News correspondent, I approached Dolkun Isa and asked his opinion about Emma Reilly’s relieved/published emails. In response, Dolkun Isa said, “I feel extremely disappointed. As a human rights activist, I expect more and better from an international institution such as the UN that has the protection of basic human rights as its mission”.

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“The UN has to provide a safe space for human rights defenders like myself who fled repressive regimes, where our basic rights were not recognized. If the UN can’t live up to its mission, there’s no need for such an institution anymore”.

It is not the first incident with Dolkun Isa; according to an international NGO, the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization(UNPO), Dolkun Isa was expelled without any reason with force by UN Security Officers from the UN Headquarters in 2017.

Even today, if Dolkun Isa enters in UN Office at Geneva, he has to face UN Security unknown reasons measurement from UN Security staff Geneva each time.

It is strange how it became possible for UNHRC, who shared European citizen Dolkun Isa details with the Chinese government because Dolkun Isa even not a Chinese citizen anymore. He is a German National since 2006.

When and how will the rules of the United Nations change for the benefit of China?

In 2016 United Nations Office at Geneva had denied entry Accreditation to the Taiwanese delegation for attending an official conference. In the query,  Mr. Rheal Leblanc, a UN spokesman in Geneva, responded,”the United Nations recognizes passports only from member states such as China, not Taiwan.”

It is pertinent to mention here that in 2014 and later in 2015 same Taiwanese delegation welcomed open arms by the same the United Nations Office at Geneva, then why stopped 2016?

The reason behind this is China. Because in 2014, Taiwan’s government was pro-China, this UN officially recognized, “In fact, the rules became stricter and were strictly enforced due to the deterioration of relations between China and Taiwan.”

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Being optimistic, I think it is not too late for the world. All democratic countries must support Emma Reily’s courage and efforts. At the same time, all nations must come forward for Emma Reily’s legal support against UNHRC. All jointly demand the UN for an independent investigation inquiry from independent human rights lawyers panel.

But at the same time, the question remains for all of us who should be blamed for arbitrary arrests, kidnapping,  torture, and other human rights abuses, including Dolkun Isa mother’s death? China, the UN Human Rights Council, or none of them should!

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Bilal Balouch is an Eat News correspondent at the United Nations, in France and in Switzerland. He was Accredited as Journalist to United Nation and European Parliament.


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