Long walk of 360 miles from New York to Washington For Human Rights, climates change & Environment

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“Let’s go for walk” is a common sentence among friends,  couples, and colleagues, but how you react when someone asks you, let’s go for 360 miles long walk.

To raise the issues of Human Rights,  climate change, and the environment in the globe the, Sindhi Foundation, started a walk from New York to Washington.

Sindhi Foundation, a Sindhi organization based in the United States has started a long walk of 360 miles with the title “Freedom, Nature, and Love.”  

The long walk started on 7th April 2021 from outside the United Nations office Headquarter Building, New York, this walk will cross the United States, five states- Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and will end on 29th April in Washington.

Highlighting the reasons for the march Sindhi Foundation USA mentioned “Raise awareness for climate change and global human rights violations. Too many human beings around the world face the appalling realities of enforced disappearances, torture, extrajudicial killings, and forced conversions. Amidst it all, those with the power to act stand by as global temperatures rise beyond the point of no return, sparking unprecedented fires, droughts, and massive storms.“

Human rights activists, American lawmakers, Media Personalities, Actors, civil society workers, and environment & climate change activists and organizations have encouraged this long walk.

US Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi encourages the Long Walk, in his video message Congressman said “Marginalized communities across the world live their days in fear of persecution and with our planet warming and Antarctic ice sheets shrinking day by day, there is no time to waste. Facing a pandemic that has launched our nation into a year-long mourning period, a worsening climate crisis, and rampant human rights abuses, marginalized people around the world are standing together to demand an end to the suffering.”

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Another US Congressman David Schweikert also encouraged the walk, in a video message, Congressman said “I want you to know, we are proud of those who are doing the walk. The mission you are trying to carry out is really important, This story needs to be told through the world. So, thank you for what you’re doing.”

Dr. Lobsang Sangay, President of the Central Tibetan Administration also encouraged the walk. In a video message, Dr said  ”The voices of many around the world, including the Sindh, are being silenced, their rights are being trampled upon, and their cultural identities are under attack. I hope that more and more people will stand and speak for those whose voices are silenced.”

Jean Shafiroff, a USA TV host, author, and Advocate encouraged the walk. In her video statement, she said ”The Sindhi people living in Pakistan, people who have faced terrible crimes against humanity. Crimes such as the abduction of over 1,000 young girls every year; girls that are abducted, forced to learn Islam, and then forced to marry Islamic men, never to be seen again.”

Monica Dogra, an American musician, and actor not only encouraged the long walk, but she will perform at the end of the walk on 29th April at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington on April 29th from 4-6 pm.

In her message, Monica Droga wrote, “Art and music play a vital role in terms of activism and in changing the cultural climate for issues which are normally irrelevant to the privileged.“

She added, “I identify as someone who operates more from the heart than my head. That shows in many of the choices I make as an actor, as a musician. I have never really gone mainstream; I have always done things that took risks.”

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US Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, from District Colombia,  US Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney from New York, US Congressman Jamie Raskin from Maryland, US Congressman Adam Bennett from California,  Also supported and encouraged Sindh Foundation long walk.

This long walk will create more rapid awareness in public about human rights issues, particularly disappearances,  extrajudicial killing, illegal detentions of innocents citizens, and raise very positive awareness about issues related to climate change and the environment.

If you,  your relative, or friends live in the United States, then they may participate for a short or long walk in this campaign.

According to Sindhi Foundation, Anyone can join Long Walk from following major stops schedule:

  • New York City, NY—April 7
  • Newark, NJ— April 8                         
  • Princeton University—April 12
  • Philadelphia, PA—April 15
  • University of Pennsylvania—April 15
  • Wilmington, DE—April 17
  • Baltimore, MD—April 25
  • University of Maryland—April 28
  • Washington, DC—April 29

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