After an unannounced visit of Wang Yi to India since 2020 clash, India’s Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar : Nothing is normal

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China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi made his first visit to India since an aggressive clash on borders in Himalayas between the soldiers of both countries around May 2020. The visit was kept quiet and unannounced on the request of Chinese Foreign Minister. In spite of several meetings between both the neighbors over geographical tension, no satisfied conclusion has been come out from them. China’s constant effort to resolve the matter and move forward is not making India convince to trust the nation and normalize the relationship, as it was before. India’s Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar remained adamant about India’s stand on border dispute. He said to reporters, ‘If you ask me if our relationship is normal today, my answer to you is ‘no’ it is and it cannot be normal. Surely the presence of a large number of troops in contravention of agreements is abnormal’.

While giving further details about the meeting, Foreign Minister Jaishankar said that India is not willing to resume normal relations with China despite of some progress has been made. India is not trusting China as it is still deploying heavy number of soldiers and weapons on the border while they are here to talk about resolving it. The ministers along with border issue, also talked about trade and Ukraine situation. Both the nations have formally declined on doing UN vote against Russia with partial similar reasons. Russia should prefer diplomacy in this matter is what India is standing for from the beginning and while China is sticking to same suggestion, without endorsing the same actions other side. Clearing the air, experts said that same stand of India and China over Russia is not a screen where allies are promoting an idea together but is a simple coincident.

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Considering the undisclosed recent visit of China’s Foreign Minister to India, Defense expert Mr. Rajesh Kumawat said, ‘Yes it was undisclosed on the request of China and is very unusual. Although it is nothing to be uneasy about, China’s frequent efforts to collect allies against United States and West countries is clearly visible and at present, China’s very much active statements on Russia and Ukraine war is worsening its relationship with other countries.’ In his statement Wang said, ‘The two sides should put the differences on the boundary issue in an appropriate position in bilateral relations and adhere to the correct development direction of bilateral relations.’ He further added saying that China does not believe in ‘Unipolar’ Asia and strongly respects India’s traditional role in the region. He thinks the whole world will pay attention when China and India will work hand in hand.

India’s firm decision over China’s effort to reconcile has a brief motive behind, according to Mr. Kumawat. He told EAT news, ‘India has been firm with its decision even though China is putting efforts, but it is all diplomacy. If you look behind the camera, China is deploying large number of its soldiers on the border which is not both the nations agreed on papers. China is actually trying to maintain good relations externally to make others believe of strong allies it has with it alongside, it is also creating troubles for India to emerge as an only powerful leader in South Asia region.’ India in last years have emerged as a developed country in all terms including it has improved relations with other countries and established its position globally especially under the present administration, Kumawat thinks.  

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Why after several military talks, China is not agreeing with India to maintain peace and stability, as per its own statement? Wang in an official statement said, ‘India and China should work together to promote peace and stability around the world.’ Defense expert Mr. Kumawat calls it hypocrisy of China. He said, ‘While China on the one side give statements of wanting peace and stability, but when it comes to work, it does not shake a little for the sake of it. India had learned its lesson in 2020 and is not going to repeat the same mistake.’ Bringing another instance of China’s hypocrisy, Mr. Kumawat told EAT news, ‘Similarly, China is singing the song of diplomacy in Russia and Ukraine war when itself, it does not follow in India’s case.’

Before India, Wang Yi visited Pakistan as a part of his South Asia tour and called it ‘second home’. He made particular remarks against Kashmir issue that once again asked India to interrupt. According to the reports, before coming to India he passed an unnecessary comment on Kashmir matter that said, ‘On Kashmir, we have heard again today the calls of many of our Islamic friends. And China shares the same hope’. India’s foreign Minister Jaishankar called it an internal matter and that no right to speak on it. China and Pakistan are good allies and shares trading and military ties too. While China is India’s largest trading partner also, after 2020 incident India has cut down its dependency that affected trade between both the countries.  

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