After BJP wins state elections in India, prime Minister Narendra Modi called it as an indicator of national elections in 2024

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Fresh victory of Bhartiya Janta Party in Manipur, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand is narrating that current Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is coming again in 2024 national elections. Assembly elections that took place in five states of India, Manipur, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Goa and Uttarakhand during February and March were announced few days ago, with an expected win of Bhartiya Janta Party, but not with a same large margin. Despite of farmer protest, Covid-19 pandemic, collapsing of health care sector and inflation, experts were speculating Bhartiya Janta Party’s win in maximum states, before elections but with a lower margin considering Uttar Pradesh.

Uttar Pradesh offers 80 Lok Sabha (House of the people) seats in elections that increase the chances for any administration to have high stakes in winning national elections. After BJP win Uttar Pradesh, experts are looking it as a comeback of Narendra Modi as an Indian Prime Minister for consecutive three years. ‘Uttar Pradesh is one of the crucial battlefields for Indian political parties in elections. If a party wins it, chances to form central administration becomes much easier and here BJP proved it. Even though the margin of votes has declined than before, but still people believe and wants BJP to form state administration in Uttar Pradesh, that is known for the largest population in the country’, said political expert Deepak Yadav.

According to Deepak, under the administration of BJP in Uttar Pradesh, number of socio-political issues came up like Love Jihad, women safety, economic record is poor and not stating the real number of deaths during Covid-19 wave. He said, ‘BJP has done several blunders during its last span of work in the state. And was done publicly. So, people are aware with it but still want BJP in power due to its Hindutva narrative.’ With second largest religion in Uttar Pradesh Muslims contribute 19.3% in state’s population. Religion conflict has been raised time to time in state due to strict rules against cow slaughtering, a bent towards Hindu religion and accusing Muslim men for performing forced conversion of religion after marrying Hindu girls.

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As per expert Deepak, the campaigns and rallies organized by BJP with Prime Minister’s face has contributed lot behind win. He told EAT news, ‘Campaigns and rallies organized by BJP were very much focused with representing Narendra Modi in front of public eye. Plus, Narendra Modi himself was on ground promoting party laid heaviness at their side. The party’s project of Hindutva played an important role as Uttar Pradesh is one of the holy and ancient sites of India.’

After the win in state elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was seen lifting his confidence, calling it as an indictor in general elections that will take place after two years, in 2024. He said, that it will happen the same way when in 2019 BJP got another chance to form administration at center. Deepak commented on his confidence and said, ‘He is sitting at a level where he knows how to handle things. Definitely he is confident after the state elections because it was speculated that the opposition SP (Samajwadi Party) was slowly climbing up and that it can give a competition to BJP. But BJP is not looking it as an easy win after the results and the margin of votes declared, as Prime minister was seen doing rally and giving speeches after the election results.’

Recently, Indian Prime Minister already getting appreciation from political experts on his stand over Russia-Ukraine war. Calling it as an intelligent and self-interest move, expert Deepak said, ‘It’s an unfortunate situation for the whole world and especially Ukraine. But India’s stand is need of an hour. From the very beginning Indian suggested Russia to have diplomatic talks. From the position where India stands globally, the suggestion is very balanced and rigid. Measuring the self interest Russia serves India, standing against it firmly does not count as a smart but stupid move. Considering relations with west, India tried maintaining decent conversation for updates with them.’

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Is there any other face according to experts, that can come up against Narendra Modi as a candidate for elections in 2024, Deepak said, ‘There is no such particular face we decide on or speculate but it is too soon to conclude him as an already winner of upcoming elections. The results of state elections were expected but the margin did give BJP stress. Any political party or candidate can gain popularity in these two years, although it is difficult in front of the mass media representation, popularity and coverage Prime Minister Narendra Modi and political party BJP gets, but again it can be done.’ Some Indian news reports says that former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath can be a next heir of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Lately, India has evacuated its 20,000 medical students from war hit zone Ukraine in an operation ‘Ganga’ started by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.    

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