An Indian International sportsperson is living an untold life

4 mn read Today, Indian players are making their mark in world of sports. They are getting recognition from global media houses, coaches and organizations. But not everybody gets a chance to show their ability. Mahavir Vinod Rana is one such Indian International player who several brought medals and made India proud but still is overlooked by Indian administration and media houses. he shared his story of struggle, hardwork and passion for sports.
Mahavir belongs to Sapnawat village in Hapur district in Uttar Pradesh, India. His parents use to work as a laborer for livelihood. He did not have a normal childhood but helped his parents in labor work for living. His passion within for sports never died which led him to hardwork and practice with his father during free time. With no guidance of coach and proper training by any organization, this player managed to score medals for his country not once but number of times. According to him, it’s his passion, hardwork and blessings of parents behind his achievements. Mahavir Vinod Rana is a gold medalist in kickboxing 2010, silver medalist in Taekwondo 2010, World Champion gold medalist 2015, MMA world champion 2018.  With 360 punches in a minute, he had his name marked in India Book of records and is now trying for Guinness Book of World records. With as many medals as one aims for in different games, which one made a difference in his life, Mahavir said, ‘From the very beginning I was a good student in academics and sports. But the moment I stepped in sports world, everything has changed. People started recognizing and respecting me. I believe the biggest respect anybody can get in this whole world is as a sportsperson. Sports changed the way I live, eat and even dress up. The whole lifestyle. After winning national and international medals people actually told me how proud they are, for taking India at that level’.
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After participating in International Marathon in 2018, he qualified in Ju-Jitsu International in Thailand 2019 and won gold medal. On asking is he satisfied and happy with his present to which he said, ‘I have mixed emotions inside me. I am happy because not everybody gets a chance to make their country proud. But I am also disappointed as Indian administration neglected my talent and qualifications and did not give me a chance in games like Olympics.’ He further added that he is giving training to his kids for 100- and 200-meters race since they were 5 years old. ‘My children already showcased their capability in National championship and is now preparing to participate in National championship that is about to take place on 31st July in Goa’, he said. His Biopic is under production and Mahavir shared little about how it all happened. He told EAT news, ‘Yes, my biopic is coming and Krishan Tiwari is a writer. In 2018, he called me that he wants to write my biopic so that people can know about your life. He said my story is unique and such stories come rarely in life. We have met lot of producers and some of them even showed interest.’ Mahavir talked about his one quality as an individual that helped him throughout his journey. Its having a positive outlook. ‘From the early childhood, I always stay positive and my parents guided me every now and then. They are the main reason and responsible for my success and wherever I am today. If a man believes in himself and stay positive, nothing can stop him. Focus and being positive is a key trait one should have’, he said. Mahavir was ranked at 25th position in World Championship in Ju-Jitsu and in 2021 reached 8th position. He is aiming for Asian Games in 2023. Despite all his achievements, administration failed to give him the recognition he deserves. He said, ‘Although I did not receive any kind of support from administration but once by ‘Sports Authority of India’ of Central administration.’
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Even Mahavir is dealing with hurdles and going through challenges, his future plan is quite straight and simple. While sharing it with us, he said, ‘Currently, I am playing and is preparing for upcoming World Championship and Asian Games. Simultaneously, I am also giving training to my children for 100- and 200-meters sprint. And I am pretty sure, they will make India proud. Its my wish that my children should work harder for the country than me. And they should also bring medals for our motherland.’ India is becoming a country that is presenting incredible players in different sports fields globally. And players like Saina Nehwal, Neeraj Chopra, Mary Kom, Deepa Malik and number of others, are an inspiration for many upcoming players and the one who are dreaming to become one. But it is depressed to say that majority of talent doesn’t get opportunity because of the low financial state and remains unknown.

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