China Calls on the United States To Prove The “Disinformation” Rumors

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China continues to back its claims about the biological weapons labs in Ukraine allegedly funded by the US government. Zhao Lijian has asked the American government to prove that the allegations are false. The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson advised the American government to produce evidence that the rumours were false. While addressing the media, Zhao Lijian also went ahead to add that the American leaders should also provide details on their biological military activities in Ukraine.

It is not the first time China has improvised such a tactic. The same tactic mirrors China deployed when she was questioned about the origin of Covid-19. They kept going on and on about Fort Detrick, which the Soviet Union falsely claimed as the origin of the Aids virus in the 80s. In his interview, Fort Detrick, a military base in Maryland, was also referenced by Zhao Lijian.

Zhao also went ahead to say that the US would gain confidence from the public in its obligation to solidify global biosecurity. However, the United Nations announced that it is not informed on any military biological operations underway in Ukraine. The announcement made by the UN’s Ambassador, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, stated that there were no biological weapons belonging to either Ukraine or the US, “not near Russia’s border or anywhere.” She added.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman continued to say that the United States had disbursed about $ 200 million to fund bio-labs in Ukraine. He added that very little was about the research conducted in those labs. However, according to the US Department of Defense, the country is in a partnership with Ukraine through the BTRP, which is a part of an initiative to promote peaceful biological detection and minimize risks brought about by pathogens. Furthermore, Ukraine added that the program is also meant to curb the outburst of dangerous global infections.

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Reports from the United States Department of Defense suggest that the government has invested in the project about $200 since 2005. The DOD also claimed it has also worked with other countries in its CTR program, including Russian labs, until 2014. After the Soviet Union collapsed in the 90s, the US government was at the forefront of securing and destroying all mass destruction weapons. It is also included in Ukraine. In 2005, the Ukrainian government and the US government agreed to work together to block the spread and usage of tech and pathogens that can be used to regenerate weapons of mass destruction.

Zhao still went on to accuse the US of contradicting itself. He stated that the country always blamed other nations for not complying and opening up, while it refused to share detailed information about its operations in Ukraine. “The sanctions facing Russia will work against them and will certainly lead to a revolution,” David Ahier, an FX Trading Consultant told Eat News. “Russia has everything to lose,” he added. Analysts say that Russia has not progressed as quickly as they had hoped in the Ukraine takeover, and their aimless targets have shown how disorganized their military is.

The DOD. stated that Zhao’s statement was a conspiracy between the Chinese and Russian governments to defend Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Ned Price, the DOD. spokesman also went ahead to say that similar rumours have been propagated by the officials of the People’s Republic of China. US officials claimed that perhaps its Russian intention was to attack Ukraine with biological weapons. Price added was because of Russia’s long-term nature of accusing other nations of the crimes it commits.

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Ned Price continued by saying that they expect Russia to formulate more allegations as the country continued its invasion of Ukraine. A move termed by the DOD. spokesman as not only deliberate but also unjustified. This comes at a time when Russia has become more ruthless set in acquiring Kyiv. On Saturday, Russia deployed the hypersonic missiles destroying an ammo depot that took lives and left more than a dozen Ukrainian soldiers injured. Ukrainian president Zelensky is keen on peace talks with his Russian nemesis, who constantly gives a blind eye by exercising continuous use of force.

Zhao went on to add that the Chinese capital, which still refuses to see Russia’s action on Ukraine as an invasion, only wants to ensure the safety of the bio labs in Ukraine. Zhao’s statements echo Russian counterpart Maria Vladimirovna that their troops found concrete evidence to prove that Ukraine was covering up details of a military biological program. Maria claimed that the US government is worried that more evidence might be found and thus claimed the allegations were absurd. It is, however, not to be forgotten that these allegations came two weeks after Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Even though Russia vowed to avoid deploying biological and chemical weapons, several reports indicate that they are not living up to that promise. Russia claims that its “special operation” in Ukraine aims to liberate the Ukrainian citizens from a neo-Nazi government. Former Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko called upon the US president, Joe Biden, to visit Kyiv next week if he’s keen on finding an amicable solution for the long overdue aggression.

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