China Failed to Stop Uyghurs Representative in UN Geneva

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Chinese mission of Geneva failed twice to stop Uyghurs’ renowned Human Rights defenders and politicians in the United Nations Geneva office last week.

During the 48th Session of the Human Rights Council (HRC) session which is still continued in UN Building Geneva, the Chinese Mission Representative for UN Geneva tried to stop twice, Dolkun Isa, Uyghurs famous Human Rights defender, and Politicians while he was addressing General Assembly on Item Agenda-4 General Debate.

During the speech of Dolkun Isa, a Chinese Representative in UN Geneva raised his first point of order and claimed, “He is Not listed in NGO list and not a member of NGO. He is a member of anti-China and Belongs to extreme Organisation,  allowing him for anti-China activities in Council seriously undermine the UNO charter and objectives.

In response to the Chinese Representative, UNHRC President replied, “I advise the delegation of China that his NGO is duly accredited with Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) as per the rule of UNHRC.”

As for as a speaker is concerned it really matters of NGO concerned,  if you have any complaint about NGO then you can address to NGO committee of ECOSOC.”

HRC President rejects China’s first point of order and allowed Dolkun Isa to continue his speech.

When Dolkun restart his speech the Chinese Representative once again raised his second point of order and claimed ” This Representative of NGO who claimed to be an NGO representative is anti-China and doing serious violations of rules of HRC We ask once again HRC President to stop him and make this incident accountable.”

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In response to the Chinese Representative, HRC President once again informed the Chinese representative and said all in under the ECOSOC rules if you have any objections then contact the NGO committee and then President once again allowed Dolkun Isa to continue his speech.

Regarding related to china Representative two failed attempts I approached Dolkun Isa and asked, why does China always try to stop your voice?

Dolkun said The Chinese government has a long history of oppressing anyone who threatens the central power of its leadership and the Chinese Communist Party. Many groups have faced persecution at the hands of the Chinese government for demanding their rights and freedoms to be respected, including Uyghurs, Tibetans, Southern Mongolians, Hong Kongers, as well as Chinese human rights defenders.

I asked Dolkun, “Why is china labeling you terrorists?

Isa replied and said ” One of the ways in which China tries to silence the voices of those speaking out against China’s crimes, is by labeling them as terrorists. It has particularly done so in the aftermath of 9/11 and the Global War on Terror, thus adopting Western rhetoric to justify cracking down on Uyghurs and others. Concerning me personally, the Chinese authorities are continuing to label me a terrorist in an attempt to prevent me from speaking out at the United Nations, European Union, and other national governments and multilateral institutions. It has even tried to do so through Interpol’s Red Notice System. China has never been able to provide evidence for such claims, though, showing the arbitrariness of its use of the label “terrorist”.

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When I asked what you think China will do against you and NGO to stop your voice in the UN, in response Dolkun Isa replied that China has done everything in its power to stop the World Uyghur Congress and myself from speaking out at the United Nations. Just last week, when I raised the Uyghur Genocide as an urgent item during the Human Rights Council, the Chinese mission interrupted my statement, attempting to slander my name. On many other occasions, the Chinese mission sends out letters to other UN missions, trying to convince them not to listen to us.

Calculating our conversation Dolkun said; Many of us are fighting against powerful autocratic regimes, it might be difficult sometimes to make your voice heard. Therefore, it is crucial for human rights defenders and persecuted groups to come together in solidarity, to speak with an amplified voice. This will force the world to listen to us.

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