Consecutive killings of Hindus in Kashmir raised questions on Modi administration and his assurance of safety and security

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Jammu and Kashmir has been an acknowledged challenge for every Indian administration. After the partition, conflicts and disputes escalated and today the situation is outrageously out. Modi administration suddenly came up with an aggressive plan of action when Article 370 abrogated from Indian constitution in 2018, that ended special status of the state. Though Prime Minister Narendra Modi was criticized by the opposition and activists after, big sections of Hindu community and supporters of Bhartiya Janta Party expressed gratification and satisfaction with the decision. Hindus called it a revenge of 1990 genocide. The administration was applauded for taking an awaited step and gain massive popularity overnight.

But recently, the sole victim of 1990 genocide, Kashmiri pandits are becoming targets again in the valley. Security assurance give by the administration then, seems a false hope to the people now. Since January this year, 16 targeted killings of civilians are witnessed in Kashmir valley including teacher, police officials and heads of panchayat. Recently, a bank employee at his workplace was shot in a daylight that triggered several questions including safety and security of the citizens. Meanwhile, opposition is blaming Modi administration, Union Minister Amit Shah led round of meetings with top officials of army and Jammu and Kashmir administration.

Mahima Kaul belongs to one of the families that migrated from Kashmir in 1990 to Delhi after the genocide. She commented on recent target killings in Kashmir and targeted community Kashmiri pandits in the valley, ‘It is very disheartening and I am extremely angry with what is happening in Kashmir. It seems like history is repeating itself. Our community is been targeted since 1990. I want to drive attention of every activist and political leaders on this situation and ask, who is the real victim here?’. Mahima and her family shifted Delhi after 1990 genocide and established their work. Her father and mother run a grocery shop. She talked about her community living in different places and said, ‘Just because of those people, our community has bifurcated and is forced to live in different places rather than in our homes. Who is responsible for this and why any serious action has not been taken yet? Our culture is disappearing. To return to our homeland is a desperate want every Kashmiri pandit has.’

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Mahima is shattered after consecutive killings of civilians and called it a cowardice action. Hindu community protested after the incidents and threatened of mass migration with demand of temporary relocation until the situation stables. Continuous attacks on a particular community have raised questions and ignited politics around it. Nupur Sharma, an Indian politician and spokesperson of Bhartiya Janta Party got suspended after her irresponsible remarks over Prophet on a live panel discussion regarding Kashmir Killings. Gulf countries condemned the statement along UN and even witnessed protests demanding ban on Indian products.

On the matter, Mahima kept her opinion and told Eat News, ‘We are not here to spread hate against any community. But targeting a particular community because of being a minority section is not fair. All we demand is to maintain peace in the valley and let pandits to come back to their homeland with assurance of security and safety. I am sure after this, handful of Hindus living in Kashmir will relocate and isn’t what they’ll succeed in what they want?’ In addition, she called the incidents are damaging her family mentally. ‘It is damaging us internally. My grandfather keeps on recalling the horrible events he heard while living in Kashmir and even witnessed some of them in last few months. My mother and father try to deviate our minds from such news but who are we lying to? It still gives me goosebumps with what actually happened and how many innocent people died in that genocide.’

Today, social media platforms can serve multiple purposes in crisis and is a significant tool to enlighten. According to Mahima, one should take advantage of it. She said, ‘A recent video posted by Brut of a girl demanding people to post online about the matter is so true. We should post about the struggle and violence community is going through in Kashmir so that it can reach to masses and can be noticed by higher authorities and even globally. We have a small community and we should protect it at any cost’. She further added, ‘I appeal to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his administration to look into the matter right away as it is urgent. Assurance of security and safety should be provided to us because nobody wants to hear an another killing of a civilian in Kashmir’.

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People are outraged and are asking safety and security. The news of leaked transfer list of Kashmiri Pandits is swirling around and has become matter of discussion among authorities. Meanwhile, center ordered to increase security in the neighborhood of Hindus and Kashmiri Pandits.   

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