French artist portrait : Sofiane Pamart, the contemporary pianist with a unique style

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An absolute ear for music, a unique touch, a transcriber of emotions, Sofiane Pamart is a French-Moroccan pianist who moves several generations. He holds the gold medal of the National Conservatory of Lille in France. Since then, he remains the champion in his field, thanks to his disruptive personality.But how did Sofiane Pamart transform classical music?

Rap and classical music, complementary rather than opposed

Sofiane Pamart’s challenge: to become the number one in urban music thanks to his piano. A very ambitious project that has come to fruition. He has composed for the greatest French rappers of the moment such as SCH, Maes, Médine or Nekfeu. Other collaborations are in preparation… His insatiable hunger for experiences and discoveries makes him an inspired and inspiring artist. His rebellious temperament has pushed him to go beyond the limits of classical music. This is why he is dedicated to composing his own works. His poetic and intoxicating harmonies give a popular vibe to his compositions, which allows him to touch very different profiles, from the sensitive to the stony heart.

This mastery of the two antipodes of rap and classical music is due to his perseverance and his open-mindedness. Rocked by the kings of classical music like Debussy or Bach, Sofiane has paradoxically turned to a more urban style. Probably a musical style with which he identified more. Few years later, the magic happens , he manages to console these two musical worlds by combining them. He enjoys dominating this new music market by calling himself “The Piano King”.

An exemple of collaboration with the french rapper “Medine” :

Travel, an unbeatable source of inspiration

After having made a name for himself in the rap world by collaborating with different artists, Sofiane wanted to live independently of his art and decided to create his album: Planet. A way to harmonize his most vivid travel memories. Because as he says “I go to the piano to say the things that I do not have the ability to share with words.It always starts from something intense and dazzling: intensity inside and dazzle when it comes out.

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For Sofiane, the piano is a sharing of emotion. Listening to a piece without words is an ode to imagination and interpretation. All the more so with the theme of travel. Such was his challenge: to invite to escape by the thought.

1 piece, 1 destination

On the 20 compositions of the album, each one carries the name of a place. It is his relationship to travel that Sofiane wishes to retranscribe, and especially his love for the planet Earth. Nomadic by nature, he had the opportunity to travel around the world and realize the richness of each destination. His creative instincts are responsible for transcribing the essence of each place on piano. The result is unique and evocative. Let’s take the example of Madagascar (video below). A shifting gradation from high to low that can make one think of a masterful landscape, a poignant discovery. The melancholic tones, which bring all the intensity to the piece, certainly refer to the despairng poverty of the island.

“Madagascar” by Sofiane Pamart :

Sofiane interprets the theme of Havana too. He says he wanted to transcribe a scene from his Cuban trip at one point in the song: The cigar smoke has a lot of character, it’s a more carnal smell than cigarettes. On the piano, my left hand beats the rhythm while my right hand produces a twirling melody. Like the smoke that would spread among the dancers of Cuba.

A work that he decided to illustrate in video. (clip below)

“La Havane” by Sofiane Pamart :  

Sofiane tells about Paris, of course. City where he currently lives and of which he will never get tired.

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“Paris” by Sofiane Pamart :

Vagabond of sound, his music represents both realistic and fantasized wanderings. It carries his travel diary and makes the listener’s thoughts dance. What will be the next theme Sofiane will address?

Sofiane and his relationship to the image

An extrovert, audacious, colorful style while remaining very neat, it is the pianist Sofiane Pamart we are talking about. His glory and his success, he is not afraid to show it. In fact, he assumes it and imposes it because he is aware of this merit.

Through my work and my career, I want to convey the values of surpassing oneself, of hard work, of audacity as well” he confides.

His enthusiasm and excessive productivity are reflected in this iconic style, unique to Sofiane Pamart.
Beyond his communicative style, the imagination of the Piano King is only images and colors. His music can be heard, but it can also be seen. “There are no words in my music, but emotions and images” he said in an interview. This explains his passion for cinema and film music. Ludovico Einaudi (Intouchables), Yann Tiersen (Le Fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain) or Hayao Miyazaki from the famous Studio Ghibli are artists he esteems and admires.

His first steps in the cinema are manifested by his clips. In collaboration with Guillaume Héritier, the pair works with finesse and professionalism. The clips must translate, in the most accurate way, the emotions of Sofiane during the composition of the song. They tell a story, sometimes tragic, sometimes euphoric but always poetic.

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Here are some of his best achievements: 

“Medellin” by Sofiane Pamart : 

“Nara” by Sofiane Pamart : 

“Le Caire ” by Sofiane Pamart : 

“Berlin” by Sofiane Pamart : 

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