Young Filipino singer wins live streaming platform award

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NEW YORK, March 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Uplive WorldStage Singing Competition announced its 2021 winners. The overall Grand Prize was awarded to the gifted 22-year-old singer and performer from Isabela, Philippines, Harley Dave Nino. Over the course of the two months, Harley demonstrated consistent growth and unmatched vocal talent. Uplive’s WorldStage has now jump-started his career with a prize package of $5,000 in cash (US), a record deal, and a hit song and video produced by a Grammy winning producer.

Established in 2020, Uplive WorldStage has become the premier global online streaming competition for singers and performers across the world. Many contestants are from emerging markets with less visibility and resources, so Uplive WorldStage serves as the platform for those up-and-coming artists to become known. The global competition discovers new talent and sets the benchmark for excellence in live social streaming performances. This year there were over 6000 competitors who entered from 150 regions around the world.

The Grand Prize Winner was selected by Grammy Winner Paula Abdul from the top 20 finalists that chosen by a panel of judges including elite music producers, Grammy-nominated songwriters, a record label executive, and accomplished singers.

“I am blown away by many of you. You truly exceeded people’s expectations and many of you are ready for a record deal,” Paula said to the contestants after she watched the one and half hour live final competition on Uplive. “It is amazing to be around talented people. You make my day, my month, and my year.”

Harley performed “A Million Dreams,” the song from the Greatest Showman (2017) at his simple home studio for the finale. Prior to the competition, Harley performed in the band Halfway Velocity where he was discovered and nominated for the Uplive competition. This is his first recognition from the WorldStage.

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After winning the Grand Prize Harley said, “I am really grateful that Uplive brought this huge opportunity to me. This is just the beginning of making all my dreams come true.”

Andy Tian, CEO of Uplive’s parent company Asia Innovations Group, commented on how the platform is transforming the lives of young artists: “Uplive continues to empower talent around the world, allowing artists to pursue their dreams while reconnecting to their roots,” said Tian. “The global reach and local relevance of Uplive WorldStage is made possible by our cutting-edge technology. We give our users a seamless digital experience that enhances artistic expression and entertainment.”

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