Exclusive: CCP Propaganda claims 71-year-old former Xinjiang official advocates separatism, his daughter says he is innocent!

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The Global Times, which is considered as the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) propaganda, published a story that quoted spokesman for China’s Xinjiang province to respond that Memet Abdula, 71-year-old, the former chief of Xinjiang Forestry Department, was involved in bribery and separatist advocate. Memet Abdula’s daughter, Subi Mamat Yuksel, told Eat News, “My father has never committed any crimes and has spent his life doing valuable work.

In early April, Subi was interviewed by the Voice of America and provided testimony about her father. Subi told VOA journalist at the time that her father had been missing for two-and-a-half years and was sentenced to life in prison in late 2019 after a Chinese court charged him with “separatist” and “two-faced person” crimes. She said it was a false case in which the Chinese government used a cause to arrest a prominent Uyghur figure.

Photo: Global Times

What is a “two-faced person”? According to the 2018 version of Article 51 of the CCP’s Disciplinary Regulations, a “two-faced person” is defined as disloyal, dishonest, inconsistent with appearances and deceitful to the CCP. According to many previous cases, the CCP has accused “two-faced persons,” including corrupt party member officials and anti-communists within the party who held official positions in the government. More recently, they have been widely used to accuse party cadres, religious figures or entrepreneurs of supporting Xinjiang’s independence.

Subi told Eat News that the CCP has accused her on at least 3 government website(Xinjiang Academy of Forestry, The Peoples Procuratorate of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and meipian.cn, ) of her fabricating her father’s case, and claimed that her father is “two-faced person” and a separatist. However, the Chinese government sentenced her father to life in prison without providing the results and evidence of the investigation. And after the court announced and executed the sentence, the CCP did not even provide them with the order for the verdict. “My father since has lost 25 kilos when we found out after the hearings.” she said.

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Subi stressed, “My father has never committed any crimes and has spent his life doing valuable work. Because of his devotion to his work, great leadership ability and his integrity, he had always been chosen to work in governing positions. Now all the sudden he become a criminal. His only crime is being a prominent and well-respected Uyghur man. CCP was threaten by his talent, great leadership and his excellence.”

Subi wants to tell the world that the CCP’s sentencing of an innocent 71 year old man to life in prison, the imprisonment of millions of innocent Uyghurs in concentration camps, and the imprisonment of millions of innocent children in CCP orphanages is no longer just a Uyghur problem, but a crime against humanity for which people all over the world must be held accountable.

“All they can do is to help us our voices heard, let the world know what is happening to the Uyghurs, and demand that the Chinese government release my father and those Uyghurs who are in concentration camps.”

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