Taliban with a regressive mindset, corrupted system and standstill economy is a failed forced administration

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Afghanistan is under war from last 40 years. Taliban, globally recognized as a terrorist organization is now has come to the power and once again making lives difficult for each Afghan. In 1996, Taliban captured Afghanistan and tried creating dominance through violence and threats. But now, according to Taliban’s spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid, they are capable of forming a stable administration and is working on it. Meanwhile, the group is thirsting to be acknowledged in international politics, their actions are not speaking the same. Recently, the news of ban on education for girls outraged number of organizations and NGOs working across the world. Regressive mindset, partial behavior and fearful environment is pushing Afghan people to go back in 1996, when it all started.

Following a pattern to come on the same page as others, they (Taliban) hosted Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, keeping a diplomatic perspective over international affairs and claiming to not repeat the past mistakes, is not really helping to shift a comprehensive outlook about them. Since Taliban forcibly declared themselves higher authorities of the country, several media outlets entered Afghanistan and portrayed the reality. Serious questions have been raised after that about economic crisis, medical facilities, gender inequality, corrupted judicial system, domestic violence by international and domestic advocates. Whole country is going through humanitarian crisis while Taliban clearly denies it.

After a long hunt, a person living in Afghanistan under Taliban agreed to talk to us. Murad Ahmadzai, changed name on his request, works for United Nation in Kabul and is currently living under Taliban regime. He explained what it is like living under them. ‘Those Afghans who are living under Taliban administration are scared of them and that is why they are quiet. Women are still largely banned from working outside the home, locals say. In some areas, there are exceptions for those working as doctors or nurses’, he said. Claiming to have a changed approach towards people, who can confirm it better than a person watching them closely. According to Murad nothing is changed. He told Eat News, ‘No, they might not change because some extremists are among the Taliban that’s why women and girls are not allowed to work or study. Moreover, health and education curtailed freedom of movement, expression and association, and deprived many.’

Concurrently, Taliban is constantly issuing questionable orders from the day they returned. As per the latest information, it is issued that men and women are not allowed to visit public parks or to dine out together, in Herat. Murad shared what future a girl holds there, ‘Since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan, girls’ primary schools in most of the country along with all boys’ schools have remained open. But older girls have not been allowed back in the classrooms. It is very difficult for those who studied for several years. They ban the girls for going to school as well as for an unclear future in Afghanistan’.

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We are all hearing about discrimination against women and what crisis they are going through but on asking, in what situation men are, Murad gave a very brief response. He said, ‘More than half a million people have lost or been pushed out of their jobs in Afghanistan since Taliban takeover. The UN International Labor Organization (ILO) said Women’s employment level is already extremely low by global standards. But ILO said that they are estimated to have decreased 16 per cent in the third quarter of 2021 and they could fall by between 21 per cent and 28 per cent by mid-2022. Thousands of job losses have been seen in several key sectors which have been ‘devastated’. These include agriculture and the civil services, where workers have, either been let go or left unpaid. In construction sector, 538,000 workers out of which 99 per cent are men have suffered, as major infrastructure projects have stalled. Simultaneously, women are not allowed to do jobs and some of them are going once a month and they have to obey the rule of Taliban otherwise they will be punished’.

In addition, ‘After 15 August 2021, the Taliban decreed that all women should be banned from employment. It is estimated that 43 per cent of government employees were female and when compounded by losses in other sectors, thousands of women were affected’, he said. Well, Murad called them, an acting administration directorate by Taliban. He opened about what future lies ahead for an Afghan, if Taliban stays. ‘Taliban says women in Afghanistan must wear head-to-toe clothing in public which calls for women to show only their eyes, wear only burqa, evoked similar restrictions during the previous rule. It means they destroy all the systems in country and most of the educated and businessmen have already,’ he said. Murad believes rigid and orthodox mindset led thousands of people to flee after the takeover.  

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Furthermore, he said, ‘The future looks dark. We have acute feelings of insecurity Taliban have dismantled the formal police force and the Women’s Affairs Ministry. They are extorting money and food from communities and are targeting women they see as enemies, such as those who worked for foreign organizations and the previous Afghan government. Most people have cited serious mental health consequences since the Taliban takeover, includes fear, anxiety, hopelessness, insomnia, and a deep sense of loss and helplessness.’

Murad had many dreams and wanted to continue studying and working. He wants to pursue Masters but at the moment, he realized it is not possible. He agreed to speak about Taliban from the ground which could be a threat to his life, shows words are more powerful than guns.

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