Maintaining High Levels of Smoothness and Security of Data in The Construction Industry

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Managing smooth and secure data flow within the construction industry is challenging. The industry is constantly evolving, with new technologies being introduced every day. These technologies must be implemented correctly, as they can affect the entire project schedule.

In the first quatre of 2022, Egnyte, a software company convened an internet roundtable to discover the problems around facts-sharing and the mitigation of digital security threats for the duration of the supply chain. Digital protection danger has now not historically been associated with the construction enterprise.

However, with record generation becoming commonplace throughout the arena, the significance of acknowledging such a hazard cannot be overstated. In step with the latest studies, breaches at small firms total fewer than half of those at big ones, but this is changing; incursions using hackers increasingly affect smaller companies.

Light at the End of the Tunnel?

The current advent of cloud generation opened up how people store the whole lot, from complex documents to simple photographs. In addition, it revolutionized how agencies view data protection.

According to George, the Co-Founder innDex Ltd, there was a significant shift in how corporations procure software programs, inevitably affecting how firms manipulate records. “Traditionally, a business unit could visit its IT department and request something like a crucial software, and the controls for the one’s structures would be managed via the ICT men.” 

The advent of the cloud era meant ICT changed into more of a procurement operation, yet vigilance was nevertheless required. “Creating a system of controls is essential,” said Giulia, Marketing Manager, innDex Ltd. She added that understanding how your data might be compromised is essential. In an exclusive interview with EatNews, the duo emphasized on the need for fatigue management amongst employees working in the construction industry.

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Construction companies face many challenges when it comes to managing their data effectively. Some of them are listed below:

Lack of Standardization 

There is no standardized method for managing data across different sectors within the construction industry, which makes it difficult for companies to share information.

Dependency on Third Party Software 

Most construction companies depend on third-party software for managing their data, but these systems do not allow them to share information with other companies within their domain or even with their own vendors and customers. This makes it difficult for them to manage their assets efficiently.

Lack of Integration

Construction companies have multiple departments such as engineering, sales and marketing that require access to different types of information from various sources like ERP systems, CRM systems and external applications like Salesforce or QuickBooks. However, they cannot integrate all these applications due to a lack of standardization and integration features.

Pitfalls in Data Flow

Enterprises face internal upsets whenever issues with security and collaboration are brought up. Aaron, Co-Founder of innDex Ltd says that having the right amount of protection to allow individuals to collaborate freely is a significant problem because managing security from this perspective is challenging. He added that in the world of data today, “sharing” no longer means sharing. Since it is more of copying, it leads to complex managing problems.


With several companies going down the ISO path, one particular specification stands out, the ISO27001. The ISO 27001 is a specification system for ISMS developed to offer a model for establishing, implementing, operating and improving the ISMS. George believes that such accreditations are only helpful if practically carried out. He is optimistic that despite many companies acquiring Cyber Essential’s accreditation, these schemes can’t solve some of the problems encountered by companies.

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How to Maintain Data Harmony in the Construction Sector

The construction sector is a multi-billion-dollar industry that relies heavily on data to drive business decisions. Roughly 80% of all construction projects use some form of BIM (Building Information Modeling).

But what if your company doesn’t have enough data to make informed decisions? What if your team is so busy trying to keep up with the day-to-day that they can’t even get their hands around their data?

Below are suggested remedies:

Use One Central System for All Your Projects

Contractors and builders need one powerful software system to manage multiple projects simultaneously. As a replacement for desktop applications, web-based project management software is gaining popularity as it offers hassle-free access and control over all company data from any location.

Use Back Ups and Encryption Methods

There is a serious need to protect data from theft and corruption in the construction sector. Using backup systems and encryption methods or storing data securely are effective ways to ensure data harmony in the construction sector.

Identify Key Data

Construction contractors should be aware of what data they will need and when they will need it. This process can help them ensure that all the information they need is captured, processed and reported correctly. Identifying key data is the most crucial part of maintenance. Without it, you cannot ensure that your data is usable and available when you need it.

Data Accessibility

Despite its huge contribution to the economy, the construction sector is relatively backward in terms of data management. This can be attributed to a lack of clarity in accessing and collecting the data. The dilemma is no surprise considering that numerous organizations are involved in this sector, and each has a different tool for collecting data.

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This shift towards digital technology has made it possible for companies to automate many previously manual or paper-based processes. For example, many companies now use project management software to streamline their workflow processes and ensure all employees have access to important information. This allows them to manage their projects more efficiently and save valuable time by eliminating errors caused by miscommunication between departments or teams working on different project phases at once.

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