India and China are expecting a positive outcome from High level Military talk over LAC dispute

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India and China bond have seen quite a low graph in past few years. The Galwan valley incident ignited enmity spark between both the countries two years back and is still going on, quietly. As per the experts, while Russia and Ukraine are in war, west countries are focused on Russia’s each move, China can create trouble on LAC (Line of Actual Control) for Indian soldiers. But according to a recent information, India is already on alert and is staying careful at the border. Official says, China is not going to get a chance this time as India’s defense is on guard and attentive with any sort of untoward.

As for now, no information has been reported from India’s side about movement of Chinese soldiers on border amid Russia and Ukraine situation. Although every year, around March-April, China conducts military exercise in Tibet and soldiers in large numbers move from one place to another. Taking Galwan valley incident as a lesson, India has deployed its soldiers on LAC and are ready to increase the numbers if needed. China and India came eye to eye several times after the incident through meeting of authorities, some of them were successful but rest did not come to any conclusion. Depsang plains, Demchok village and Hot Springs is still a center of conflict between Indian and Chinese soldiers.

According to political expert Mr. Girish Chauhan, China is not likely to get into any kind of dispute with India presently. Russia-India bond could be witnessed in current situation, whereas China is also providing support to Russia at every possible way. China condemned all the sanctions imposed by west countries on Russia, stating it can damage the economy and employment rate of the country. China would not want to ruin its bond with Russia by taking any desperate decision against India, he said. This is true, that China is seen building political development with Russia.

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Mr. Girish added that China and India are dependent on each other for various reasons and both the leaders are aware of it. So, the speculations of China taking advantage of current war situation is not people should be worry about. He told Eat News, ‘After monitoring the situation, speculations of China can do any action on LAC is not correct. Both the countries are very much dependent on each other for several reasons including trade and business. Plus, India has improved relationships with few countries and maintained loyal alliances, in past years. And China is aware of it. Also, both the countries have always suggested diplomatic talks over violent actions in any unfortunate situation’.

India-China bond has always experienced ups and down according to which administration is in power. The current Indian administration refused to have diplomatic approach towards China every time. A statement has been passed by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi that said, China and India should help each other accomplish goals, instead of draining each other’s energies. He commented few days before 15th high level military talk, going to take place between both the countries. Mr. Girish commented on the statement and said, ‘Both the countries do not want any conflict over border and that is why China is building up a certain environment for India to talk. Aware of the consequences and alliances, both the nations have to find out a diplomatic way to resolve the LAC matter and look forward to improve the bond.’

During a press conference, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian mentioned that the high-level military talk is at its final stage and they are expecting that it will reach to a conclusion after mutual consent. Likewise, India’s foreign secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla said, ‘The development of India-China relationship has to be based on three mutuals, respect, sensitivity and interest’. While addressing Pakistan issue, he said India would want to have a good relationship with Pakistan, considering ‘neighborhood first policy’ but not at the expense of security.

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According to an American report, China and India will have a stressful relation in upcoming days. It said, the threat of armed conflict between the two nuclear powers has increased. As a result, it can affect American people and interest which can ask for America’s interference into the matter. ‘How much truth the report is, I am not going to talk about. All I can say that India and China both are powerful countries and achieved lot in past years. Both the administration is familiar with strategic and diplomatic perspectives. Politically it is beneficial for two of the nations to focus on improving relation and let no other country take advantage of it’, said Mr. Girish.

India and China are going have their high-level military talk sooner about border tension at LAC that came out after the Galwan Valley incident. Both the countries are expecting a positive conclusion and has hoped an improved relationship among each other.   

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India and China are expecting a positive outcome from High level Military talk over LAC dispute

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