India has witnessed hottest March in last 122 years and is in red flag territory to the direction of climate crisis

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Temperature in India is soaring higher and higher each day. Indian states are recording rise in temperature this season right from the beginning of March. According to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), average temperature across the country has witnessed a continuous jump since 1991. The information is released after analyzing and comparison of recorded temperature, extracted from 1981 to 2010. Director general of Meteorological department, M Mohapatra in a statement said, ‘The excess heat is increasing the moisture holding capacity of atmosphere during these seasons, leading to a spike in heavy and extremely heavy rainfall events.’ Weather department is warning of heatwave conditions throughout the month.

Hottest state Gujarat recorded maximum temperature of 45.0 Celsius, this April, followed by Rajasthan with 44.9 Celsius and Madhya Pradesh with 44.0 Celsius. In between, Meteorological office released an orange alert past week in capital New Delhi as a warning of ‘severe heatwave’ conditions. As per the available data, rise of approximately 0.26 degree C has been noticed in minimum temperature since 1901- and 0.99-degree C in maximum temperature of the country. Experts called it a worrisome but expected change in temperature due to an evident reason of global warming. It is affecting whole earth in form of climate change, something that is brought up by environmentalists and climate activists actively front of leaders, in past few years.   

Reyansh is a college student lives in Gujarat. He and his friends are shocked with the temperature recorded in March. He told EAT news, ‘We started using fans from the end of February and with end of March, here everybody using Air conditioners. It is not possible to live under a fan inside, I can’t imagine how people are handling it outside. It is shocking because usually after Holi (Indian festival) we start fans. But this time it crossed all the limits.’ He further added, ‘Even for a week, our college authorities switched classes to online after looking at the temperature and heatwaves that could harm students. Also, because exams are approaching, nobody wants to risk them.’ While recalling change in graph of temperature, he said, ‘I remember 8-9 years ago, we still use to feel chills of winter season till March. And May-June were the only months with unbearable hot temperature. But today, it is scary to imagine what it would be like in May and June.’ Maximum temperature recoded in Gujarat in March of this year was above 35 degrees Celsius. Along with it, many parts of Rajasthan, Kerala, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Odisha also sweat it out under the same number.

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Reyansh shared how he is doing his part under such harsh situation. ‘I keep my garden gate open for stray dogs to rest under shade. Also, I have kept a container of water outside my house, for all the stray animals of my locality. It is a difficult time for all of us, but we have to get it through al together. One more water container is kept at my terrace, where birds come and drink it. I do it every summer but since this year it came a month earlier, I have already started doing it. I request everybody to do the same. Help animals to whatever extent they can. This is also our responsibility as a human being and as a representation of humanity in this cruel world,’ he said.

Meanwhile Reyansh is considering all the affected due to change in temperature, climate activist Aparna blames it completely on leaders. She said, ‘We, community of climate activists are advocating for global warming for years. It is all on the desk that how difficult situations are going to be in future. Plus. Estimations about rise in temperature is going wrong as it is increasing with an unexpected rate. It is all due to the administration neglecting climate crisis and keeping other things above it. No hardcore environment friendly policy has been adapted by administration till now. I have no idea, what they are waiting for.’ She believes climate crisis as an issue that needs to be addressed globally by all the leaders and should come up with a solution. She also thinks, formation of a separate body working only for climate crisis in each country should be established.

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According to Aparna, self-awareness around global warming and climate crisis is very important in today’s world. She said, ‘Parents should teach their kids about global warming, climate crisis and how their responsibility it is to contribute in making surroundings more livable not only for humans but also for all the living beings.’ Observing present conditions and irresponsible behavior of people, climate crisis should come under ‘Basic Knowledge’ in opinion of activist Aparna. ‘We are witnessing shift in climate all over the world. India separately is going through a drastic change in weather conditions. We welcome winters for hardly two months now. Its either summer or humid. Floods have become a frequent visitor in some parts of the country. Why do you think it is happening? ‘ she said.  

Highest maximum temperature in March has been recorded in India with 33.10 degrees Celsius in last 122 years. Meteorological department is releasing record breaking temperature with each day. Experts are already alerted with the speed of glaciers melting. But it seems like leaders have other important issues to look at.  

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