India is once again burning over communal differences after a brutal murder

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Two men beheaded a tailor in India few days back and posted videos online that said it was a revenge of an insult to Islam after Kanhaiya Lal (Tailor) posted social media posts in support of Nupur Sharma.

Protest against an Indian politician Nupur Sharma due to her religious remark on National Television in a live debate outraged numerous people in an outside the country. Her statement is condemned worldwide. Background from Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP), she is an official spokesperson on national debates and is a lawyer. After the backlash, she was suspended.

The brutal murder in Udaipur is feared to create communal differences which led state administration to suspend internet services for a day and announced imposition of section 144 of CrPc for a month in all districts. Section briefly gives power to district magistrate, a sub-divisional magistrate or any other executive magistrate to issue orders to prevent and address urgent cases. ‘In view of the prevailing situation, Section 144 has been imposed in the entire district as well as the state. Shanti March has been cancelled by the organizers. We appeal to the people to maintain peace. Leaves of police personnel have been cancelled and they have been asked to report back. They are being deployed in law-and-order duty. We will ensure peace is maintained and take strict action against those attempting to disrupt it’, Ajmer SP Vikas Sharma told ANI.

Kanhaiya Lal’s wife asked criminals to be hanged as a punishment and said, ‘Today my husband is killed, tomorrow will be others’. Kishan lives in Udaipur and is a shop owner. He said the news got circulated online and that is how they found out about the murder. ‘We read about it in a WhatsApp group. And later everybody around were talking about it. Initially, we were getting details in pieces and it was horrific to hear. We are all angry and scared at the same time. Whatever happened, is a clear failure of an administration. Assurance of security is what we demand’, he said.

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Kishan has two kids who are well aware about the communal differences India has. According to them, ‘We have two three friends who are Muslim and we are comfortable with it and so are they. But hearing such incidents push us to think about why all this is happening and is it really difficult to live together peacefully in one society?’ Since the case has been transferred to anti-terror probe agency NIA, a new approach added from the terrorism perspective. As per the several media reports, criminals have connections with terrorist organization from Pakistan. In a statement Rajasthan DGP ML Lather said, ‘One of the two prime accused had connection with Pakistan based Dawat-e-Islami. He even travelled to Pakistan in 2014’. Meanwhile Chief Minister of Rajasthan Ashok Gehlot assured to take strict action against the killers and will support NIA investigation completely. Kishan on the other hand have different outlook on this whole case. He told EAT news, ‘Yes, we are all devastated but it is not fight between Hindu and Muslim. We all want the victim’s family to get justice. It is the fight between wrong and right. And here clearly, we know who is wrong.’

Communal differences have increased in Rajasthan from last few months. The reports of stone pelting, violent protests made headlines on particular occasions putting the state’s harmony in risk. ‘Rajasthan is a beautiful state and we are known for welcoming people. From last few months we are noticing violence, standing against each other. Now this. India is known for diverse culture and unity, and we want people to think the same way. Whoever is trying to spread hate and violence should not be forgiven easily’, said Kishan.

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The protests in Rajasthan got violent and railway station was vandalized. Reports said, protestors attacked Policemen by stones and sword. Supreme Court on Friday blamed Nupur Sharma for all the chaos happening around. Court ignored her plea to club all the FIRs against her in different states in Delhi over her remark about the Prophet and slammed her the irresponsible behavior. She has a ‘loose tongue’ and is ‘single handedly responsible for what is happening in the country’ is what Supreme Court said. Later, Court directed her to apologize to the nation on National Television.

NIA is carrying its investigation with all evidences present. Accused are arrested and are sent to Jail in Ajmer. Kishan is still doubtful with what is going to happen in future. ‘Considering all the states, Rajasthan was one of them where differences between communities never made headlines. But now as it has started, it is scary to vision what will happen in coming days if things got worse. Killers should definitely be punished for the sake of justice and a lesson for people like minded’, said Kishan. 

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