India’s diplomatic stand on Russia-Ukraine war is backed by defense experts

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Russia-Ukraine crisis is taking turns into dangerous and threatening consequences. Visuals of blasts around residential areas, people running, students finding places to live, and crowd spending night at metro stations in Ukraine is agonizing world. Everybody is puzzled why instead of pacifying the situation through diplomatic talks, Russia preferred a violent stand on Ukraine. The speculations of World War Third started circulating right after Russia deployed troops on Russia-Ukraine border. Although Russian president Vladimir Putin declined the intention to invade Ukraine abruptly, Russia’s stand against Ukraine membership in NATO is adamant from the beginning.

Russia and US came across again through Ukraine crisis, but this time US seem a little uninterested after Russian troops attacked Ukraine on Russian’s president order. US along with other European countries were rigid with its statement to condemn Russia on Ukraine situation. But now US cleared, no intention to send US troops in Ukraine to help. India’s position in current crisis is been counting as a significant one keeping in mind its good strategic ties with Russia and west countries including US. India in a statement asked Russia and Ukraine to solve the matter diplomatically with talks that was welcomed by Russia and called it a ‘balanced’ stand.

Meanwhile US said that it is in talks with India regarding its stand on Ukraine invasion. Defense expert Jasman Singh calls it a very principal situation for India. He said, ‘I said it earlier also, India is on a very critical position. Though, it has no direct connections with the invasion but countries are watching closely India’s stand on the situation. US, France, Japan has improved their bond with India lately, and are now looking where India stands in this divide.’

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Will India’s unclear stand on Ukraine invasion, disturb India-US ties in future, Mr. Singh replied, ‘No, not really. US itself stepped back from its initial position and left Ukraine alone. US was supporting Ukraine through its statements and when the time came, it decided to stay far from war. At least, India is sticking to its suggestion, to solve the crisis through diplomatic talks from the very start. US already distanced itself from the Russia-Ukraine crisis, it has no right to question India over its stand.’ US President Joe Biden mentioned that Americans are not willing to fight. He also let troops serving as military advisors and monitors in the country to move out. According to the experts, no national security interest lies in helping Ukraine for US, is the reason behind distancing US from the crisis in military terms. In spite of history, when back Barack Obama and Bill Clinton intervened with military in Libyan war and Yugoslavia on human rights and humanitarian grounds.

On the other hand, approximately 20,000 Indian students were living in Ukraine when Russia attacked and invaded the country. Now, along with education, safety is also on stake. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had telephonic conversation with Russian President where he discussed about protection of Indian students and to resolve the matter through diplomatic talks. 2000 Indian students have been returned to India in an operation called ‘Ganga’ started by Indian administration with Air India airlines to evacuate students from Ukraine. Mr. Singh told EAT news, ‘In such situations India has always acted quickly to protect its citizens wherever they are. We have seen before, when Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, India was able to get its people out. Airlifting is always considered a preferred option for the nation and today also, when students are in need, Air India is conducting this operation smoothly.’ But visuals are getting viral of students asking for help. They are claiming in videos that Indian embassy is not picking phone lines. Stuck in bunkers and on Romania and Poland borders, students are also beaten up by Police. Students who are travelling towards Poland border is beaten up and army drove towards them, said a student in a video message.

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While an Indian student declined to travel back to India and decided to stay with Ukrainian family she is living with and to not leave their side in such difficult times. Komal enrolled herself for pursuing MBBS in Ukraine last year. She reached Delhi airport yesterday and said, ‘I am very happy that I am finally in India. I can’t explain how it felt to be in a war hit area. We were all scared. There are still thousands of them waiting to come back. I am praying for all the students.’ Amid all the chaos and visuals coming up from disturbed stranded students, in a high-level meeting in presence of Indian Prime Minister, it has been decided that some union ministers will travel to neighboring countries of Ukraine to coordinate the operation.

India’s unclear stand on Russia-Ukraine war is troubling several countries but it is in its national interest according to experts and Mr. Jasman Singh.  

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