The Relationship Between China and U.S. is Threatened as China Insists on Supporting Russia

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On Saturday, the 10th, the Secretary of State for the United States government informed his counterpart from China that the ongoing support given by the Chinese government to Russia is significantly impacting the relationship between the two nations which is already at the edge of the cliff. The relationship is already at a tipping point as the countries have different views on many other subjects.

Wang Yi, Chinese foreign minister, said that it was the United States government policies responsible for the damaged relations between the two countries. According to Wang, the U.S.’s laws and policies have made China a threat nation. Many people are convinced that America is suffering from the so-called ‘China phobia.’ He added that if this phobia is allowed to grow and develop, the policies and laws in America will lead the relationship between it and China straight to the grave.

Bliken and the Chinese minister had a conversation for around five hours. Before this meeting, the two had not met since October 2021. The U.S Secretary of State expressed his concerns regarding the stand taken by China on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. He added that he refused to believe that China was a neutral party in the ongoing invasion of Russia on Ukraine. The main aim of the meeting was to try to control or possibly manage the ongoing hostility between the two nations.

Bliken also said that the United States government had grave concerns about the PRC’s agreement that the Chinese government has with Russia. In the meeting held in Bali-an Indonesian resort, Bliken added that he did not believe that China was acting as a neutral party. According to him, acting as a neutral party was impossible in a situation where an aggressor was so clear.

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Ankith Sagar, the owner and Senior Researcher in the Archive News, told Eat News that Chinas support for Russia is less about supporting Russia and more about opposing the west. China and Russia have been close allies since the 1960s, with the relationship only strengthening since Putin took power in 2000. The two countries have had some ups and downs over the last few years, such as when Russia invaded Crimea in 2014. However, their relationship has always recovered and it has rejuvenated over the new tussles bestowed in Ukraine.

A report released by China claimed both nations had a deep exchange of thoughts concerning Ukraine. However, the report did not reveal any details concerning the discussion.

The United States government was hopeful that China’s long history of standing against all external issues that disrupted its internal affairs would continue even during the ongoing invasion of Russia on Ukraine. But still, according to the United States government, China is taking a hybrid position and is now threatening to break the international-regulation-based order. Anthony Bliken told the reporters at the meeting that all the nations on the globe would be negatively impacted if the law was done away with.

The meeting between Bliken and his counterpart was set after they attended a meeting that brought together some of the best diplomats from twenty large and developing nations. However, it is worth noting that the meeting of diplomats did not mention how the top nations were going to stop the invasion of Ukraine, nor did it mention how nations worldwide were going to mitigate the impact it would have on food security and energy.

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Nonetheless, according to Bliken, Russia had left the G-20 in solitude as many of the diplomats in the meeting expressed opposition to the invasion of Russia on Ukraine. He added that even some diplomats turned down conversations with Sergey Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister. Bliken said it was unfortunate that the diplomats could not unanimously agree on the way to stop the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Bliken said that it was necessary to note that Lavrov left the G-20 meeting early as he didn’t like the condemnation the country was receiving due to its aggression against Ukraine.

Turning the conversation to China, Anthony Bliken told the reporters that he had an in-depth and severe conversation with Wang on several issues that have been complicated due to China’s stand on the conflict in Ukraine. Some of these issues included the Taiwan issue and human rights. On his side, Wang said that the U.S. should lift its tariffs on Chinese imports as soon as possible. He added that these tariffs were negatively impacting the internal affairs of China. In Taiwan, Wang accused the Biden administration of using the ‘salami-slicing’ technique. It is important to note that just 48 hours before the meeting between Wang and Bliken, their respective military heads had a heated debate over Taiwan in a virtual meeting.

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