Work from home is a new lifestyle Indians are happy to adapt despite in rise of physical health issues

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Work from home is a new way of living people are adapting. Since the pandemic hit, we have replaced the way we use to conduct our lives with alternatives. Be it virtual grocery shopping or attending online school, wearing masks in public area or maintaining social distancing. Work from home is also one of them, that has been imposed by workplaces from last two years. Firms like HP, Apple Inc., Google, Twitter are already following work from culture whereas others are planning to make it permanent. Tata Steel, Facebook/Meta, Quora, Twitter are some of them.

A local survey conducted amid Omicron Tsunami in India explains people’s desperation to switch to work from home again. Around 67 per cent supported work from home option. According to the information approximately 40 per cent are doing work from office and are travelling every day. 18 per cent of them step out only for urgent meetings and 24 per cent are completely under work from home. Although, work from home is preferred by most of people and is also advised by administrative, but there are certain instructions given by healthcare experts to be followed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Shipra says, ‘Nowadays people are working from home, and not from a year but from two years. They have adapted a particular routine, where they contribute hours and hours working, and then either they watch Netflix, eat or sleep. Corona protocols have denied people to step out and did not let their body move.’

She further added, ‘It is very important as an individual to maintain a routine, that includes proper diet, exercise, and enough sleep.’ Common issues that are coming to doctors is back pain and neck pain due to prolong sitting jobs. Prachi is a corporate worker and works in a domestic firm. She had work from home since first lockdown in 2020. ‘I and some other colleagues are working from home from the start of 2020. I have had more than four to five visits to hospital because of my back pain. We have to work hours and sometimes even in night. This demands to sit in a same position continuously. I work on a computer system which is not movable and I have to spent hours holding a same position’, she said. 

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Looking at the present situation, now organizations are recruiting new employees for work from home and are doing all the process including interview and providing work virtually. Dibang got recruited as a content writer in December 2021. He told EAT news, ‘The whole process of recruitment, test, verifying documents and interviews was conducted virtually. Considering the pandemic situation, they have conducted each and every step virtually and even provided my first project through it. Colleagues have not met each other but in virtual meetings we share creative ideas and are moving forward in this new culture. Our manager already cleared, that firm is not planning to call us, anytime sooner.’ Previously, WHO announced that Covid will likely be with us forever. It will become much miler illness due to the vaccination, though.

Dibang is not satisfied with his new work lifestyle and said, ‘Although, work from home is only a possible way to carry things out in present, but it has some disadvantages too. A proper concentration and a work environment that is required is missing in working from home. Plus, people working from home are getting extra work.’ As per the report, a survey revealed that nearly 67 per cent of the participants are going through one or more new physical health issues and approximately 75 per cent experiencing new mental health issue. According to Dr. Shipra work from home is a lifestyle that we cannot avoid but to welcome it in our lives. She said, ‘Lot of people are complaining with a certain pain and it is obvious because when you are in a specific position for hours, it affects. But again, including some healthy habits are must otherwise it is going to harm your body internally.’

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While mentioning some healthy habits, she said, ‘Body movement is very important and so one has to walk for at least half an hour to keep your body internally active. If you have enough time, you can even do exercise for next half an hour. It is best. Other than that, include green vegetables, fresh fruits, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, all minerals in your meals to increase immunity. With no movement, people have also gained weight under pandemic, so this also one of the common issues people following work from home are going through.’

People in India are going to new places and replacing work from home to work from hill stations. Working people are preferring hill stations over their comfortable room to work and are setting new trend of taking a break and to work, simultaneously. ‘When I was in my previous company, I along with some friends went to Himachal Pradesh for two months. We all needed break from monotony of an environment and we decided to work from there. It was a prefect balance of vacations and work’, said Dibang.


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