Arshad Sulahri: Women are not the property of the market, my body is my basic human rights

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With the echo of the Women’s March 2020, my body has once again started objecting to my will and as a precaution, a man has also filed a writ petition in the court against the Women’s March to stop the Women’s March, which the court has approved for hearing. Last year too, several men went to the High Court to register a case against the organizers of the march. On social media, many men have been calling for a ban on women’s marches and some men have been inventing new abuses for women that women are coming back on March 8.

Pakistan has also become the first country in the world in the sense that mothers, sisters, daughters, wives face fierce resistance to the mere slogan of power over their bodies and they are rewarded with filthy abuses. Such abuses are given that it is not possible to confiscate them.

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The Said’s man and such type of mentality of people want to have complete control over the body of the woman. The bodies of daughter, wife, sister and mother could never be thrown into the fire of revenge in enmity. Drag naked in the streets, dance naked, kidnap, rap, lose or win in gambling. Sell or buy like market goods, marry the Qur’an to consume property. Bring them to exchange work, kill them in honor, cut off their noses, shave their heads, marry an innocent girl to an old man to pay off debts.

In offices, on the streets, in the street, tease, make noises, if you are alone, snatch, scratch. Take off your clothes, tear your clothes, call a taxi, call a patrol, call a Randi, a woman endures everything quietly because she is a woman and a man has a right over her body. A woman has no right over her own body to say that my body is my will.

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How are these husbands? How are you father How are you brother How are you son How are these men? What a masculinity They want control over their own women’s bodies. Why are they against the will of a woman on her body? What kind of religion has these ethics? It is written in a holy book or there is a provision in the law of a country that a woman cannot have her own will on her body. In which holy book, it is said that a man’s will prevail over a woman’s body? and he can destroy a woman’s body as he wants? whenever he wants? as he wants? Can scratch? or Can sell?

The limit has been reached. They are not ready to give human status to women in the society. This is an example of the horror, this brutality, and the age of ignorance when girls were buried alive. Mourning was done when a girl was born.

Slogans of the Women’s March demonstrate a dead conscience and a man-less man who gives meaning to my will. Think while observing the sanctity of brother, son, father, husband, and relationships and also look at the women of your household while selling conspiracies so that some pride may awaken, and they may go towards thinking as human beings. In societies where the dignity of women is not taken care of and women are considered as a part of the sanctity of women. The destruction of such societies is a graffiti. No one in the world respects them. Humiliation and disgrace remain their destiny.

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Arshad Sulahri is a correspondent for Eat News in Pakistan, and the President of National Union Of Journalists Pakistan.


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