Bilal Balouch: Bigotry of Pakistani Prime Minister and Turkish President

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Over the past few days, various news materials related to the French boycott have been read and viewed on digital media, print media including Twitter trends, Facebook posts and columns, these all highlighting the mass protests about boycott France and French products.

It all started when a Chechen Muslim in France beheaded a French professor and viralised this terrible murder on Twitter.

Chechen brutal Killer, Abdullakh Anzorov, 18 years old , killed innocent Teacher, Samuel Paty, 47 years just because teacher showed the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) during a class even though the teacher Prior to his lecture, had asked all Muslim students to leave the class, but one Muslim student remained in the class despite being told to do so, and then later the same student informed family about the incident which led to the Chechen.

Police killed Chechen killer in a raid same inccident day , Chechen Islamic extremist came to France 2008 and had a resident permit of France as a refugee status. He was also getting benefits from French welfare system.

This brutally murdered of innocent Teacher has raised many questions as well as horrors in France and french free secular society. As a leader French president has condemned this horrific murder in the strongest possible terms. The French president called the incident against freedom of expression and label it Islamic extremism.


In terms of hypocrisy, we glance responses and statements of President of Turkey, Tayyip Erdoğan, then Prime Minsiter of Pakistan, Imran Khan, so far they both didn’t condemned Barbaric murder of one Innocent Teacher, but instead of condemnation both labeld France secular values and Freedom of speech measures against religious extremists terrorism anti muslims and Islamophobia.

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Tayyip Erdoğan, called French Presidet anti Islam, anti muslims and said “The French president needs psychiatric treatment”.

But if we look at the policies and decisions of the President of Turkey , we will feel the hypocrisy of President of Turkey clearly .

This year in July, Mr Erdoğan converted a very old Christian church into a mosque in his country, Sofia, and according Turkish local Media Erdoğan Regime is also going to convert another church into mosque this year or later.

But neither the President of France nor the President of any other European Country labelled Erdoğan “Christinephobia neither they advised the President of Turkey to seek psychiatric treatment or demand to boycott Turkish products.

In Turkey, Erdoğan Regime not only tortured opposition members under the guise of terrorism but also arrested and imprisoned them, including thousands of journalists, all of whom were Muslims.

They all did not commit terrorism, nor any journalist behead an innocent teacher, but the guilt of all these Muslims why they questioned Erdoğan’s Government Pro Islamic policies and and wrote articles about his pro Islamic decisions against securlar values of Turkey.

If we glance on at the hypocrisy of Imran Khan Prime Minister of Pakistan , he labelled France actions anti muslim and “Islamophobia” Imran Khan wrote a letter to Facebook to block posts regarding Islamophobia and He assured recently he would also contact all islamic countries head of states against slamophobia in France.

If we look at the situation of Muslims and other sects in Pakistan, the condition of these Muslims and people of other sects is not only inferior to the Muslims of France, but extremely pitiable.

In Pakistan, Muslims are not only subjected to violence and hatred on a daily basis, but also killed just due to theirs others Islamic beleifs. Shia Muslims as well as people of other sects are not only killed due to religious discrimination in Pakistan but also their religious places are burnt and being damaged continuously in Pakistan so far. A One community Ahmedi has been declared non Muslims and they are not allowed to pray openly and follow theirs religious beliefs.

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Pakistani laws do not allow or authorize a non-Muslim Pakiatani Citizen to became a President of Pakistan. Only Muslim can be President of Pakistan as per Constitution of Pakistan.

It is strange that Prime Minister Pakistan Imran Khan can be aware about Muslims incident in France, but he is not aware of the plight of Muslims in his neighboring China.

When a foreign journalist asked him about the Anti Muslim Acts against Uyghurs in China The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan replied he is unaware of it and he is not aware of any such atrocities in China ۔ What could be more hypocritical than this?

As a Muslims I lived in France for fifteen years with my family, millions of Muslims including others religion believers are totally free in theirs religions beliefs.

The steps which France Government has taken so far in the aftermath of this brutal assassination are not against Muslims at all.

Its wrong to suggest France is involved in Islamophobia, however Republic France all measures to save French secular values particularly freedom of speech and counter radical extremist religious terrorism in France.

No any single innocent Muslim was arrested neither any neutral mosque was close by French Authorities so far.

All those arrested and interrogated were directly or indirectly involved in publicizing the incident and helped the killer only those mosques were ordered to closed who promoted hate speeches and provoke teachers incident toward extremism. 

In contrast, eight million Muslims in France are free continue worshiping to fulfil theirs religious beliefs and they are completely free in other Islamic religious practices.

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I don’t think any country or peaceful secular society in the world including France and French society, can take such kind brutal murder lightly and forget it.

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Bilal Balouch is an Eat News correspondent at the United Nations, in France and in Switzerland. He was Accredited as Journalist to United Nation and European Parliament.


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