Ornella Sukkar: The Contest of Feminist Doctrine—In the Need for a New Reading

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First of all, it is necessary to clarify the concept of feminism as a current concept within the women’s movement that seeks to develop a new understanding of women and demolish traditional differences in the social role of each of the sexes.  In the second half of the twentieth century, feminism led to social and cultural changes in Western and Arab thought that affected social movements, morals, customs, and social traditions.  This feminist renaissance viewed the sexual revolution and freedom as a revolution against the restrictions of virtue. This caused the encouragement of the demand for freedom of nationality and the codification of the freedom of homosexuality. It encompassed its civil and social conditions and portrayed women as a consumer sexual commodity to enhance and stimulate economic productivity in all literary fields, cinema, advertising, commercial advertising, and songs. During the increase in the use of the female pronoun, even in the Lebanese October 17 Revolution, the term female revolution was inflated which negatively affected society through the disintegration of families, the increase in divorce rates, and the increase in the percentage of illegal births, so much so that the countries of Scandinavia and Latin America reached half the number of births.

They broke the restrictions and rules that control sexual behavior in an amazing and rapid manner. Due to the virtual spaces, communication channels, and digital communication, there was the breaking of the silence, activating and revitalizing the role of women in society. This brought about a profound transformation in traditional ideas which reflected positively on the reality of women in terms of empowering them and activating their presence in public spaces and influence.  Through the sharing of others’ sufferings and stories of persecution, marginalization, violence, abuse, harassment, and rape, a lot of marginalities and barriers between them and others were broken. The first of which is the issue of fear to the extent that sexual behavior is no longer in control and controlled by the lack of control. One could be seen as living in the conflicts of the hypothetical world where they are asking many ethical questions related to privacy and self-protective security.

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What interests us here is also the indication that the first to use the term “feminism” was Charles Fourier (1772-1837). The followers of Henry Dusan Simon adopted the idea of the authenticity of Al-Khanshi and, based on the origin, they believed that human existence started from an existence that bears the characteristics of femininity and masculinity. The socialist feminists rejected this idea. The division of labor was based on one’s gender, and they called for the division of labor centers to be equal between men and women.

The feminist philosophy was absolutely embodied by Simone de Beauvoir (1986-1908), in her book The Second Sex (1949), in which she analyzed the relationship between women and men on an existential-Marxist basis. It stressed the issue of the freedom to choose the human race for what it is, where it claims De Beauvoir believes that man chooses his sex by his own free will, as life has freed the male man from the constraints of generating ideals while giving this freedom to women. Therefore, he believes that femininity represents a barrier in the transformation into a real human being. Consequently, women represent an enigmatic being in their formation that cannot be contained in a specific characterization. This misunderstood the scientist because they demean the woman’s body and saw that she wanted to vilify her despite their admission that what De Beauvoir proposed in ideas had an important impact on feminist writings.

Feminism is also distinguished by the idea of criticizing everyone who believes in the existence of morals specific to men and women. The arrows of criticism were received by both psychologists Freud and Carol Gilgan who concluded that the moral development of the individual in society is closely related to sexual conditioning and sexual openness. Freud clearly expressed this in his book Three Theories of Sex.

However, in terms of women not knowing, the feminist doctrine has contributed to directing the rights of women to a place that has created a physical and moral distortion of them. No one has dealt with this dilemma, where the surplus freedoms of women in the sexual field are limited to skills and mechanical techniques in women today pertaining to love, passion, and existing relationships. On the idea of increasing emotional intelligence and asking, do women find themselves protected as a female entity in this dilemma of equality between them and men?  I believe that a woman has a deeper role than competition and rivalry with men in existence, because her psychological, biological, and organic composition is higher and more important than the man. Goethe says about this position, “The eternal femininity is what makes the man run after her.”  So where is the woman today from the motherhood of her unjust pride among the man’s feet as a contradictory commodity and an unfettered prey; for God created you with the most appropriate evaluation and raised you to his glory in his sharing of creation, creativity and gustatory beauty, why would you descend into the land of decadence and decadence?  The lessons are not in exposure and dissolution, but in the value of existence and meaning, specifically the meaning of Nietzsche.

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In conclusion, we do not deny the importance of the feminist movement in breaking the restrictions and silence, and in reducing discrimination and violence against women. This is considering that the cornerstone of violence against them are power and privileges, and those who enjoy them can exploit them in violating women’s rights. From here, it is necessary to acknowledge the importance and impact of the mobilization in  the virtual field through tweets that met a wide global spread. The digital feminist activity added all of the contributions that led to the activation and change of the reality of women in the system of the movement to defend their rights as an alternative to the marginalized traditional media that contributed to framing the role of social movements in a way that impedes their ability to progress by linking them to the theory of conspiracy and polarization.  On the basis of gender, the digital media led to a process of disclosing the experiences of battered women and bypassing the process of social exclusion.

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Ornella Sukkar is a Lebanese journalist specialized in Arab-Islamic and radicalization studies from an oriental perspective and international affaires.


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