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What It’s Like To Travel For A Living During The Pandemic

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4 mn read As flights around the world were canceled and plane tickets postponed during the pandemic lockdown, travel bloggers were lost at home without access to travel. Many digital creators in the United States rely on international trips and exclusive hotels they visit in order to promote content. Along with that, more than 32,000 airline workers who depend on travel for income were furloughed as a result of the pandemic.

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Will The Future Of The Entertainment Industry Be More Animated?

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4 mn read The pandemic has redefined nearly every facet of the suddenly shut-down entertainment industry. As in-person filming could no longer take place in studios, animated movies and TV series spiked in popularity, mainly for the convenience of streaming services like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. During the early stages of the pandemic, Netflix announced that it gained 10 million new subscribers when countries ordered residents to stay home and it reached nearly 193 million subscribers worldwide, making it tough for its competitors to keep up. The downside mentioned in the company’s statement said, “We expect the paused productions will lead to a more second half weighted content slate in terms of our big titles, although we anticipate the total number of originals for the full year will still be higher than 2020.”

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