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Proposed European Union Legislation Would Require the Scanning of Private Messages

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< 1 mn read Privacy advocates expressed concern over the implications of the proposed legislation to combat the dissemination of child sex abuse material and grooming content. Representatives of the European Commission assert that “Detection orders are limited in time, targeting a specific type of content on a specific service.” The law would also direct app stores to prevent children from downloading apps which were at high risk for solicitation.

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Exclusive: Ex-Slovenian President on What’s Next for Eastern Europe After Ukraine Invasion

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9 mn read The Russian invasion of Ukraine, now ongoing for over 10 weeks, has caused deaths and injuries to Ukrainian and Russian soldiers and civilians and has also led to a global price spike. Being closest to the war zone, Eastern Europe has been most directly affected. In an exclusive interview with Eat News, Danilo Türk, former president of Slovenia from 2007 to 2012 and current president of Club de Madrid, the world’s largest forum of former heads of state, analyzes recent elections in Slovenia, Serbia, Hungary, and France.

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Pakistan hosted 57 Nations of OIC Special fund to be established for Afghanistan

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4 mn read An extraordinary meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) was held in Islamabad on Sunday Dec 19, 2021; a mega event which was hosted by Pakistan in the last 4 decades.  Delegations from 57 nations and five continents (Asia, Africa, Europe, North American and South America) participated in the OIC conference.

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European Mediation in Iran File: Finding a Solution or Political Agenda

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4 mn read Europe is rapidly changing the focus of its attention in the Iranian nuclear dossier, relying primarily on the political aspects of the problem. That is especially true against the backdrop of the upcoming presidential elections in Iran, scheduled for May 18, 2021. Talking to Lebanese General Michel Nahas, an expert specialized in middle eastern affairs and military Defense, speaks to Eat News about European mediation concerning the Iranian threat in the region and how they deal with this new fact?

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