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Korean lifestyle is spreading among Indian youth after K-dramas popularity escalated

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4 mn read During the pandemic, we all explored everything that we never thought of or did not got time to. People while sitting inside shuffled all kind of content on OTT platforms and discovered their fascination towards different culture, people, language and genres. Korean dramas are among one of those, that not only succeed in rise of viewership in India but also is leaving impact on people’s lifestyle. According to a Netflix report, from 2019 to 2020 the viewership has increased by 370%. Whereas, between 2020 to 2021, six Korean dramas remained on the ‘Top 10 trending ‘list. Crash landing on you, second season of kingdom, it’s okay to not be okay are some of them.

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Hong Kong democracy activists have written a letter to Korean Foreign Minister for requesting suspension of extradition treaties with the Chinese regimes

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2 mn read Simon Cheng, a former trade and investment officer at the British Consulate-General Hong Kong, and Honcques Laus, an independent politician in Hong Kong, wanted under draconian China’s National Security Law, have written a letter to Kang Kyung-wha(강경화), the Korean foreign minister, for requesting suspension of extraction treaties with the Hong Kong and Chinese regimes. They explained that the Hong Kong regime has unceasingly persecuted the Hong Kong democratic protesters because of political opinions, and the Hong Kong and Chinese regimes have blatantly violated human rights, so the political dissents would face trumped-up prosecutions.

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