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Lebanon Documentary Launches Global Event Screenings

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< 1 mn read Multi award-winning documentary, ‘Enough! Lebanon’s Darkest Hour’ that examines the economic and political situation in Lebanon, is launching via a series of live, global event screenings to capture international attention and generate discussion. In a world-first, the Australian produced film will screen for free in cinemas in Beirut and stream simultaneously on the FanForceTV platform followed by a live Q&A panel in the cinema led by political journalist Albert Kostanian. Audiences around the world will interact with the expert panel directly via Live-chat with questions answered in real time. 7 further live events will follow in the USA, South America, UK/Europe, Australia/NZ and Dubai, all translated into 15 different languages live.

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Expert: only massive cash assistance from abroad can rescue Lebanon’s economy

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3 mn read Talking with Oussam Habib, a Lebanese journalist specialized in economics and banking, Eat News explores the economic predicament in Lebanon that might leads to a social explosion. Lebanon’s ailing economy can only be rescued if the international community injected massive financial aid over the next five years provided that this assistance is matched by radical reforms, an economist said.

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The founding president of the Lebanese National Peace Party analyzes the country’s current economic crisis

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4 mn read Talking to Eddé Roger, Lebanese politician and thinker, founding president of the Assalam Party, the Lebanese National Peace Party argues that “We are walking on the edge of a precipice. We have to aid, support, and encourage the Lebanese people, but at the same time not give the impression that we want to establish a new protectorate, which would be completely stupid,” Eddé Roger said. Eat News explores the Lebanese crisis to talk about the French initiative that couldn’t be failed.

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Ornella Sukkar: The bad situation in Lebanon make necessities allow prohibitions

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4 mn read Everybody thinks that worst situation in Lebanon is because a conspiracy theory. All know that external pressures do not prevent the formation of the government. Some people thought that the bad situation in Lebanon on economical and health issue get worst because of United State and Saudi Arabia policy but that’s not true. And that the Lebanese Prime Minister, Saad Hariri, is unable to form a government because he refused to nominate Hezbollah in the coming government. This disruption is caused by several intertwining factors, which need to be clearly categorized.

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Exclusive: Inside the negotiations between Israel and Lebanon on the delineation of the maritime border

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3 mn read Eat News conducted an exclusive interview with Malek Francis who’s an engineer, and a political expert, and activist dedicated to peace, human rights, equality and democracy. He serves as Chairperson of the American Lebanese Congress, President of the American Lebanese Syrian Association, and founder of the American Lebanese Anti-Discrimination Committee.

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