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Is it unwanted: question arises after the absence of Indian LGBTQ community opinion from the public spheres?

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3 mn read Public sphere is a space where people from diverse backgrounds come together and put out their opinions. A shaping of perspective and its formation gives transparency and considerable outlook. With time, public spheres have increased from gatherings at small coffee houses to big panel discussions or social media activism. Today from forming a unison view point, public spheres also push specific propaganda for the political purposes. From the beginning, it has its participation depending on the genders and race. Usually, white men were supposed to participate in public spheres, discussions on politics or on other spectrums.

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The Daily Wire and Cumulus Media Partner for Local Digital News

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2 mn read Leading conservative news and entertainment media company The Daily Wire and Cumulus Media, a top audio-first media company, today announced a new syndication agreement to deliver Daily Wire digital content to Cumulus radio station websites in key markets across the United States. Under the terms of the deal, Daily Wire breaking news, original reporting, sports, and entertainment coverage by The Daily Wire is now available on more than 50 Cumulus radio station websites, with plans to expand in the coming weeks.

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Pakistan Media Development Authority: A draconian law to curb the media freedom

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4 mn read Current Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf(PTI) government has proposed a new body with the title of Pakistan Media Development Authority (PMDA). It has been believed that PMDA will be a regulatory institution that can “cater to the business and professional needs of all forms of media and their users”, as per government version, PMDA is meant to substitute the present “cracked” regulatory environment and “split” media regulation done by multiple bodies.

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