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New wave of Terrorism in Pakistan: Peshawar Mosque Suicide Blast Claims at least 57 Lives

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3 mn read Pakistan remained the frontline allied to US and NATO in war on terror for decades; indeed paid a heavy price. A new wave to ruthless terrorist attacks hit the county. At least 57 people have been martyred and 194 injured in an assault during Friday prayers at the main Shia mosque in Risaldar area of the provincial capital Peshawar. According to details an unknown gunman opened fire on the policemen and security guards at the main gate of Shia Muslims Mosque; the bomber successfully entered in prayer hall, and blown himself up where the Friday prayer was going on. Security forces cordon-off the area after the blast. Death toll may increase, as many injured in Leady Reading Hospital (LRH) are critical. Prime Minister Imran Khan summoned the report of the incident.

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Manufacturing Felt Brunt of Cyberattacks in 2021 as Supply Chain Woes Grew

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4 mn read IBM (NYSE: IBM) Security today released its annual X-Force Threat Intelligence Index unveiling how ransomware and vulnerability exploitations together were able to “imprison” businesses in 2021 further burdening global supply chains, with manufacturing emerging as the most targeted industry. While phishing was the most common cause of cyberattacks in general in the past year, IBM Security X-Force observed a 33% increase in attacks caused by vulnerability exploitation of unpatched software, a point of entry that ransomware actors relied on more than any other to carry out their attacks in 2021, representing the cause of 44% of ransomware attacks.

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