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TikTok is transforming the music industry by giving new artists a chance

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4 mn read In the short period of time that TikTok has been around, it has greatly impacted the music business. During a time when live concerts are not a safe option, TikTok has boosted the careers of upcoming artists seeking connection and an audience to hear their music. Due to 60 second viral dance challenges and singing trends, new music circulates on the platform daily and increases visibility of new artists by promoting their talent.

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Exclusive: Can LBRY replace YouTube? Interview with Chief Marketing Officer of blockchain video platform

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3 mn read YouTube is undoubtedly the most popular and largest video platform today, but it is becoming increasingly unfriendly to the video creators who use it as it grows. In addition to frequent errors in detecting copyright through artificial intelligence, YouTube videos are often marked “Not suitable for most advertisers” because of politically sensitive issues, which affects YouTubers’ revenue. As a result, many new English language video platforms have emerged, including Rumble, Gab TV, and more. Among all these platforms, LBRY stands out because of its use of the new technology of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Besides, they offered the choice of a Mandarin inference earlier than other platforms.

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